"Students are the future of our industry. The EDSF Excellence in Education awards program recognizes the programs and teachers educating our future leaders. We usually don't have the opportunity to thank these institutions for providing high quality learning experiences. EDSF takes pride in their commitment and achievements for education in our industry."

Dan Adler
DA Digital LLC and Chair, Excellence in Education Awards Committee


Books offered by EDSF

The following books are available in PDF format with a donation to EDSF:

  • by the Web2Print Experts, Inc. Team

    This book will help printers determine appropriate software options. It focuses on how to make educated and confident software investments.

  • by Jennifer Matt
    Available in English and Chinese

    Web2Print is about elevating the print industry’s conversation of web2print: the online connector between printers and their customers.

  • By Mark Potter
    Illustrated by 5th Graders

    All proceeds of Egrets will be donated to the EDSF in an effort to provide worthy students scholarships.

    "Egrets, Hockey Sticks & Roller Skates is a creative example of why stories work. Mark Potter has shared some of his experiences and a bit of himself to help move a group of people. We all can benefit from the moral to his stories."
    - Daniel Pink, author of "To Sell Is Human"